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PI Connector Relay

Question asked by rzandvliet on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by wbcrosby

Yesterday I joined the Industrie 4.0 & Digital Transformation Forum in Amsterdam. One of the things that has been presented was the OMF (OSIsoft Messaging Format) in combination with the PI Connector Relay Service. I'm able to find the documentation about OMF, but not able to find more information about the PI Connector Relay. I'm also not able to find the download for the PI Connector Relay. Is it available for partners and/or Pi Square members?


In the past I was able to set up communication between an ESP8266 micro controller and a PI Data Archive via the OSIsoft WebAPI. I'm curious, if this is also possible with OMF and the PI Connector Relay Service. It should be possible because both are using the JSON format