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How can I send a 'report' notification instead of 'individual' email notification?

Question asked by Mahalet-M on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by rsun

I have a notification that currently gets trigger when the status = 1 (OFF).  This notification currently sends one notification for every building. For example, if a circuit breaker is 'OPEN' and there are 20 out of the 30 buildings on that feeder loop are affected because of that, it currently sends 20 email notifications (one notification for each building). However, Is there a way to send one notification and within the body (or as a report attachment) of the email it will list ALL the buildings that have been affected?   Therefore, instead of sending 20 notification emails, it can send 1 email that list all 20 buildings. 


I appreciate your assistance on this matter. Thank you!


AF structure:

Notification rule currently setup for every building.