Values outside of range.  How does PI handle them?

Discussion created by gkrueger on Sep 28, 2011
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This is the type of question that probably is in a manual somewhere, but it's one of those slightly generic questions that makes searching for it difficult...so I apologize in advance for this newbie question, but anyway, here it is...


How does PI handle values outside of the zero and span ranges specified in the point attributes?  Are those attributes more just informational for configuring scales on plots, or does the system use them when processing the data.  I know they are used if the Exc and CompDev's are done in % as opposed to EU, but are they used in any other ways to process the data.  If the value is outside of the range is it clamped, or does it go to Bad status?  This system will be using the OPC DA interface to collect the data from the source systems.


I'm on the process of developing my tag list with the customer and this question has come up.