NamedValue - Collection or Not

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Hallo there,
playing around with the IPIData2 interface I came to a ugly inconsistency in the SDK.


The NamedValue-Class has a property called Name and Value as it's in its natural.
But the Value-Property is a kind of list, what is surprising because his name is  not "Values".
Second is, that this list has no Count property, so I can examine the amount of data only
with "Trial an Error". This ist also with NamedValues2 interface.Is there anything I missunderstood?


Hope I'am not to annoying with my questions.




For Example:

Const STARTTIME As String = "26-jul-2011 10:00"
Const ENDTIME6H As String = "26-jul-2011 16:00"

 Dim oIPIData2         As PISDK.IPIData2 
 Dim oNamedValues  As PISDKCommon.NamedValues
 Dim oNamedValue    As PISDKCommon.NamedValue
 Dim lngIndex           As Long
 Dim strMsg              As String
  Set oIPIData2 = Servers.DefaultServer.PIPoints("sinusoid").Data
  Set oNamedValues = oIPIData2.Summaries2(STARTTIME, ENDTIME6H, 3600, asAll, cbTimeWeighted)

  For Each oNamedValue In oNamedValues
    'Missing a oNamedValue.Value(s).count property to iterate through the Value(s)
    strMsg = strMsg & "Name: " & oNamedValue.Name
    strMsg = strMsg & " - " 
    strMsg = strMsg & "Value: " & oNamedValue(1).Value         
     strMsg = strMsg & vbCrLf

  MsgBox strMsg