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Problem with syntax with table lookup equations

Question asked by Joe_Walters on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2017 by Joe_Walters

I am using table lookups to assign a value to an attribute.

In this case the parent element name = UCF_1301_001

That value is contained in a table with the column name = 'Uniq_ID'

I want to assign the value of the cell in column 'TC_A_center' for the row that has the 'Uniq_ID' = UCF_1301_001


It does not work.  As part of the troubleshooting I found that if I assign the string value 'UCF_1301_001' to the Uniq_ID it returns the proper string value from the table 'PT0042'

See attached file 'Working when string'


However, when I pass the parent element name to the Uniq_ID variable it does not work.  See attachede file 'Not workinig when elemetn'

Looking closely the value of the attibute is 'UCF_1301_001' because I have it report the %..\Element if the look up fails.


What is goign on?