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    Notification versions


      Hi Kim,


      I am viewing the last video of the course, and I think we have a more recent version of PI than the one of the course.  I cannot see Notification templates...

      Do you have an updated video for Notifications?


      I attach our PI version.





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          Rick Davin

          We are in the process of reviewing but have not yet updated the introduction to AF SDK videos regarding Notifications 2016. 


          There are YouTube videos but they don't get into details of coding.

          OSIsoft: What are Notifications? - YouTube


          The big differences between coding for Notifications 2012 versus 2016 is:

          • There is no longer need for a separate ANNotifications SDK.  The AF SDK takes care of it all.
          • There is no longer concepts of Notifications and NotificationInstances.  With 2016 there will be NotificationRuleTemplates and NotificationsRules.
          • Notification Help