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Online Training: Developing Applications with PI AF SDK Online Course April 2017 - Introduce Yourself

Question asked by pmartin Employee on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by erikjlee

Hi Everyone,


I'm Paul Martin and I will be your facilitator for this Developing Applications with PI AF SDK workshop.


The workshop starts today, April 3rd and will conclude on Friday, April 21st.  This gives you a period of approximately 3 weeks to complete the course.

The course material is available here: Developing Applications with PI AF SDK

If you have any questions (technical or otherwise), please post them in this thread: Online Training: Developing Applications with PI AF SDK Online Course November 2016 - Questions and Answers


Now that you know the essentials of the course, I'd like to learn a bit about you.  Please provide a brief description of who you are, what you do, your goals of this course, and anything else you would like to share below.


I'll go first!

I am a member of the PI Developers Club team, which strives to provide support for people who wish to utilize our Developer Technologies.  I work out of OSIsoft's Philadelphia Office.  Previously, I worked as a Customer Support Engineer doing general technical support, field work, and training.  I have two goals for this training.  The first is to make sure that you leave this course having learned at least the basics of how to develop using the PI AF SDK.  The second is to provide you with enough technical knowledge to follow along and participate in the discussions that happen over in the PI Developers Club.