PI Square Idea section and Feedback Website

Discussion created by flost Champion on Apr 4, 2017

I recognised that topics posted on feedback.osi.com were copied to the idea section here in PI Square.


I would recomend to reconsider this strategy. The postings are duplicated and there is the possibillity that discussion in the two comment sections may differ or the same topic will be discussed in both places.


I would prefer to have only one place where ideas are shared. In my opinion would this place be PI Square. It is not so easy to keep updated over several websites. We have Techsupport with the case management, the knowledgebase and the overall download section (software, manuals, whitepapers etc.). Then PI Square with the User boards, with blogs, with whitepapers, ideas, the developers section, the online courses etc. Then we have Learning with the VLE, course information etc - plus the learnig channel on YouTube. And now in addition the feedback and ideas website for products.


I´m very happy to have all this resources avalible. But the split over different platforms make it hard to kepp up to date. As an IT-Geek I´m ware that it is difficult to realise. But maybe there is a solution for the feedback and idea section so that it will be conzentrated on one plattform.