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Rollup missing an element

Question asked by MISugiyama on Apr 4, 2017
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So, I am implementing a mass balance using AF. Basically the structure is:

In every child template, there are attributes with the same name for the rollup. One new element (also a new template) named Z424101 was added, but the rollup in U4241 refuses to sum up its value. The value is correct in the preview though.


The new template is basically a copy & paste from an existing template, adding some more attributes. The unusual part is that for this template, the attribute is a Formula DR that gets the value from a Analysis DR (no saving in PI Point, using steam function). Usually it is a Formula DR like PI Point * Factor. I did so just to adjust the attribute name for the rollup (V45 prod as child attribute).


Correct value in rollup preview

Wrong value missing the Z424101 production.

Does copy & paste affect the unique ID structure? Does it affect the calculations?