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Reference parent attribute event frame

Question asked by timheck54 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by timheck54

This might be AF Event Frames 101 but I am new and have looked at several articles with no success up to this point. Might be minor syntax..


I have an event frame template that I am referencing for my Event Frames Analytics.

How do I get the Attribute Templates to reference the Triggering conditions or Attributes of the Element the Event Frame is tied to?



Element Template 1:

Pressure 1

Pressure 2


EF Analytics for Element Template 1

IF Pressure 1 > Pressure 2 then start event Frame


Event Frame template

Attribute = Event Template 1.Pressure 1.Value

Attribute = Event Template 1.Pressure 2.Value


I tried unsuccessfully:


.\Elements[.]|Pressure 1

.\Elements[@Template=templatename][@Name = *]|Attr1


Thank you for your help!