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    Renamed Interface Node, ICU Can't Connect


      Good Morning All. Yesterday I renamed an interface node running W2K8 and the GSE D/3 DBA interface. I also created a new account for the services/interfaces to run under (was using the administrator account), updating the Log On properties accordingly. This user is NOT a member of the Administrators Group. The services were restarted successfully and data does appear to be getting updated as this is my only interface node. I also created a new PI Identity and Trusts to allow the connections using the new hostname and PI Identity. I also gave the PI Identity RW permissions on the points.


      Now, when starting ICU on the interface node, I get an error that it can't contact the data archive server. In SMT, I see the old interface node hostname listed under Interfaces. I cannot modify this in any way, only Refresh or Export.


      Do you have any suggestions for correcting this?




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          Update:  I determined that the IP address in the Trust was incorrect, blocking the ICU connection. I can now connect via the ICU to the PI Data Archive server from the Interface Node. However, when I attempt to select an interface on the Interface Node (I have 3 interfaces running on the node), the pulldown list is empty.


          These interfaces were created using the Administrator account originally, and as I said, I am now using an unprivileged account.



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            Hello Vint .. Thanks for posting your question on PI Square!

            You did not mention what is the error message you have seen when you tried to connect. You should look at the SDK Logs on the interface machine and the message logs on the PI Data Archive server. The error can tell you why the connection attempt is failing.

            An important question is .. Did you give the account which runs PI ICU a permission to read/write on the PI modules table?

            You can have a clearer insight about the required configuration for PI ICU on the PI server side from here

            I hope that helps to resolve your issue.



            Abdulrahman Saleh

            OSIsoft Technical Support

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