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Renamed Interface Node, ICU Can't Connect

Question asked by on Apr 4, 2017
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Good Morning All. Yesterday I renamed an interface node running W2K8 and the GSE D/3 DBA interface. I also created a new account for the services/interfaces to run under (was using the administrator account), updating the Log On properties accordingly. This user is NOT a member of the Administrators Group. The services were restarted successfully and data does appear to be getting updated as this is my only interface node. I also created a new PI Identity and Trusts to allow the connections using the new hostname and PI Identity. I also gave the PI Identity RW permissions on the points.


Now, when starting ICU on the interface node, I get an error that it can't contact the data archive server. In SMT, I see the old interface node hostname listed under Interfaces. I cannot modify this in any way, only Refresh or Export.


Do you have any suggestions for correcting this?