Upgrading PIPoints.dat from 3.4.370 to 3.4.380

Discussion created by AlistairFrith on Sep 30, 2011
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I know this is not the right forum and the question should be more of a PI Support issue (I will email this to them as well).


I am doing a project for a customer that requires real data from their live system to be analysed on their dev system. Trouble is their live system is at 3.4.370 and their dev system is at 3.4.380.


Archive files can be copied across fine but the points database (which has changed on Live after Dev was upgraded) does not. If I just copy the live PIPoints.dat onto Dev, then PIBasess hangs on startup. I thought it might just be because the snapshot table is now out of since so I did PIBasess -snapfix, which came back with this:


C:\PI\adm>c:\pi\bin\pibasess -snapfix
Snapshot recovery in progress...
Fatal error in PI subsystem pibasess: Failed to load Point Table, status: [-10480] File version is not supported - upgra
de required
Fatal error in PI subsystem pibasess: Failed to load PI configuration database, status: [-10480] File version is not sup
ported - upgrade required
Snapshot recovery failed. PI Point Table is not available.


Then I tried PIDiag -fbf:


C:\PI\adm>pidiag -fbf c:\pi\dat\pipoints.dat c:\pi\dat\pipoints380.dat
Files with earlier major versions than 4 must be upgraded first...
Recovery Error [-10480] File version is not supported - upgrade required


Any suggestions how I could upgrade PIPoints.dat without:uninstalling 380, installing 370, restoring from the Live system and finally upgrading back to 380?




--- Alistair.