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Processbook Paintbrush Objects not displaying in Coresight

Question asked by jirvine on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by jirvine

We have created multiple displays in Prcoessbook and have them imported into Coresight.


Coresight won't display the background image if it was inserted as an "Insert -> Object -> Paintbrush Picture". The background picture just doesn't display in Coresight.


If we open a copy of the image in Paint, do CTRL-C and CTRL-V into the Processbook PDI the image will then display in Coresight.


Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to edit the image at a later date. Our displays tend to change from month to month so it's much easier to insert it as a paintbrush object since I can edit it straight from the Processbook later.



Is there something we are missing about getting the images to display in Coresight? Anything I can do differently to get this to work?