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    Notification activation


      Let's say I have a parent element with ten child elements.

      All the childs have the same template and they have an Event Frame analysis.

      With that Event Frame I want to create a notification but I want to send a notification per parent element....

      If 4 of the ten child elements are activated I would like to agrupate all the notification to receive just one. Or if there is an activation and other child elements are activated I wouldn't like to receive another notification.

      Is this possible to implement?

      Thank you

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          The first thing that comes up to my mind is to use roll-up calculations. You can create an analysis for the child element template. In the parent template, you can have a roll-up counting the sum of the child's analysis.

          4+ number for this rollup attribute can then trigger a notification. This will still be based on your parent element.

          Would there be any other considerations blocking this approach?




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