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    fault tree


      Hey Guys. We are using the Osi Pi System (AF, ACE, Notification, Calculations) and i saw in some presenation a possibilty to create a Fault Tree in PI AF.
      How can we create it ?


      The Solution should be: If we got an Alert that some Items are not working. We get in this case a FTA. Which shows us where.


      WHO can help me ?


      Thanks guys Philipp

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          Hello Philipp,


          Are you talking about the picture (visualization of the reason tree) on slide 32?

          If so, this is not done in AF but just a picture added in front of PI System explorer. It illustrates the AF Structure and at the same time the logic between different failure points. I expect there to be some sensor data being available as Attributes on the AF Elements. The data allows to evaluate if there is a failure. I suggest using Asset Analytics for this kind of evaluation and to store the result in a new Attribute. PI Notifications can than be used to trigger an email informing about the fault.