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    Product enhancement requests...best place to make those?


      I've been watching the training videos and had a product enhancement that I thought of while doing that.  Where is the best place to make those, is there a forum for that elsewhere on the OSi website?


      My suggestion is fairly simple.  It's related to the PI Excel Tag config. tool...in the training video, even the trainer admits that the Import/Export terminology has confused many users (including myself).  I suggest you update the Menu item to read "Import Tags from Server" and "Export Tags to Server".  Should be a relatively simple change to make and would eliminate the ambiguity.



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          I think in this case, your best bet would be the Generic vCampus Discussions forum. It would be best if you describe your enhancement request as clear as possible, and we can discuss it and even get the Product Managers involved.

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              In fact you can discuss stuff here with the community (i.e. refine the requirements), but the formal way to file enhancement requests is through our regular Technical Support team. They have a formal system and procedures to file those in and escalate those to the appropriate people (typically Product Managers and Development Leads).


              Hope this helps!

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                Nick D'Orazio

                In addition to Michael's suggestion, I would suggest you make the comment directly on YouTube.  Let me explain why I think this is a better choice at this point.  


                When we decided to move all of our training to YouTube, one of the most well-received suggestions we made was to allow and encourage customers, partners, and OSI folks to use the comment feature in YouTube to start these types of discussions. Everyone recognizes the power of having an easy-to-use way to make comments that are seen not only by the training team who manages the YouTube channel  but also by every single person who watches that same video later on. Because this is an issue that involves far more people than just vCampus members, I think it is there that it will get the most response from others who may have an opinion.


                Toward that end, would you mind making the comment in the comments for the video?  I assume you were talking about video [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXpSfKB2pJs#t=05m06s], OSIsoft: PI Tag Configurator Menu, Part 1. v2010.  To make a comment, you do have to have a YouTube account, but that is free to create and will not expose you to spam (because YouTube does not share the email address you use to create the account).   I would really appreciate your making the comment there and I will find someone familiar with the issue who can respond to your comment. It will also be nice to see if this prompts others who watch the video to offer their opinion.


                By the way, once you have a free YouTube account, you can also create custom playlists for your internal customers. So you can create a playlist of videos in response to specific question. For example at [View:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB8DAAC4EA76DDF02] you can see a playlist that I created when a customer asked me what videos would help him prepare to install the OPC interface.  He didn't want to have to go through the dozens of videos in our System Manager playlist, so now he has a playlist of the 15 videos that are most pertinent. (There are instructions on how to create a custom playlist in the video "The Benefits of a Free YouTube Account..." found at [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laGieJsBC3A].  


                Please let me know if you have any questions.