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Limit the amount of data in the PII4BA-view

Question asked by HansBleijendaal on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by HansBleijendaal

THis is a question concerning PII4BA.

The issue is concerning the growing size of scheduled views.

These views grow continously after each scheduled run.


We want to create a view that gives the actual status of a part of the process only for the last 8 hours.

How can I remove the content in the view that is older then 8 hours, so that I do not have to bother about the growing size of the view.

Also big view have the disadvantage that loading takes a long time.


Currently I have a view that already has more than 5G data, more than 37Miljon rows, this is buildup from 19dec2016 until now. But I need only past 8 hours...


Below some detail about the versions I use: