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How to get data and hierarchy in the Silverlight?

Question asked by zhumar on Apr 6, 2017
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We are moving our PI SharePoint portal from 2007 (old server) to 2013 (new test server). Most web parts work correctly, but developers can't configure 2 Silverlight components. These Silverlight components work on the
old server by using (unknown for us) PIOleServices (IIS website). PI Support said that PIOleServices was written by someone, not Osisoft. I tried to move PIOleServices folder and configure in IIS, but unsuccessfully.


Could you, please, advise - what kind of instrument and how I should use to make these Silverlight components workable on the new server? These components show hierarchy and elements with attributes like in PI AF (PI System Explorer).


If I'm not mistaken, it can be done via PI OLEDB Enterprise and linked server in SQL. Also, maybe, via PI WebApi?


Some details about new server:

  1. Windows Server 2012 R2 Std.
  2. Osisoft MS Runtime Redistributables (also x64).
  3. PI AF Client 2015.
  4. PI Buffer Subsystem.
  5. PI OLEDB 2010 R3 (x64)
  6. PI OLEDB Enterprise 2012 (also x64)
  7. PI SDK x64 & x86 2014 R2.
  8. PI Web Services 2010 R3.
  9. PI WebParts Services 2013 SP3.
  10. Visual Studio 2010.


Some details about old server:

  1. Windows Server 2003 R2.
  2. Osisoft MS Runtime Redistributables.
  3. PI AF Client 2010 R3.
  4. PI Buffer Subsystem.
  5. PI Data Services.
  6. PI GenericNames DLL.
  7. PI ICU.
  8. PI Performance Monitor ICU control.
  9. PI Performance Monitor Interface.
  10. PI PING ICU Control.
  11. PI PING Interface.
  12. PI ProcessBook (also MRD & SVG add-in).
  13. PI SNMP ICU and Interface.
  14. PI SDK x86.
  15. PI Spt DLL.
  16. PI TCPResponse ICU Control and Interface.
  17. PI Web Services 2010 R2.
  18. PI WebParts 2010 R2.