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Values become "Configure"

Question asked by sarveshdatar on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by sraposo

My system configuration is as follows:

I have four machines.
RREPI1 : PI Server
STN2253: OPC Server(Primary)
STN2254: OPC Server(Secondary)
HIS2264: DCS


The ICU is located on OPC Server.
Server level failover and interface level failover has been done.
The interface level failover is HOT failover and the synchronization file is located on RREPI1.


In normal conditions i.e. when both OPC Servers are working the access to the synchronization file keeps on disrupting.


When I shutdown STN2254 Server,the primary(STN2253) takes control and the values keep updating.

But when I shutdown STN2253(Primmary) then even though STN2254 takes control and tries to become the primary all the values become CONFIGURE.

All the values again start updating once I start STN2253(Primary).

What problem may I be facing?

Any solutions.:)


PS: I am attaching the pi msglog and the screenshot for failover configuration.