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Approaches to combine EventFrames

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by LSalas

Hi All,


You all know that the current Analytics around EventFrames closes the EventFrames when Backfilling is done and/or the Analysis is changed or the Element is changed to some degree. This is well known and described in e.g. this KB:  Request Rejected It also appears that AF 2017 is improving on this, but to what extent is yet unknown.


But as long as we are stuck with this, how do people go about merging EventFrames that have been closed by the Engine due to such reasons?

  • Periodically search for EventFrames with the Descriptions set to some auto-close reason and merge them manually?
  • Do some automated detection?


It is currently the #1 limiting factor in my opinion in using EventFrames. And one difficult to explain to customers. "Why do my Shift EFs break? The Shift roster is fixed for the next decade!"