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    Approaches to combine EventFrames

    Roger Palmen

      Hi All,


      You all know that the current Analytics around EventFrames closes the EventFrames when Backfilling is done and/or the Analysis is changed or the Element is changed to some degree. This is well known and described in e.g. this KB:  Request Rejected It also appears that AF 2017 is improving on this, but to what extent is yet unknown.


      But as long as we are stuck with this, how do people go about merging EventFrames that have been closed by the Engine due to such reasons?

      • Periodically search for EventFrames with the Descriptions set to some auto-close reason and merge them manually?
      • Do some automated detection?


      It is currently the #1 limiting factor in my opinion in using EventFrames. And one difficult to explain to customers. "Why do my Shift EFs break? The Shift roster is fixed for the next decade!"

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          Hi Roger,


          I am not really sure how customers currently handle this situation- I haven't seen any automated solutions to this issue. However, if you find event frames that closed due to this work item, the problem should be correctable by recalculating your EF analysis over this time range. If this method is not feasible then an automated afsdk script may be the way to go; though, keep in mind that this work item is resolved in 2.9 which should be released soon (might be worth waiting). Thinking out loud, it seems reasonable to have a script check for these closed EFs, find the AFAnalysis that generated the EF (EFs have an "Analysis" property), and programmatically recalculate the analysis over the affected time range.


          Sorry I don't have a better solution for you, Roger! Good luck!

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              Roger Palmen

              Thanks for coming back on this one. I was mainly curious if there were other people dealing with this problem and how.

              Upgrading is definitely high on my list once released, as this is the Achilles heel of EF Analytics.

              Until then, some manual & tooling assisted work then.

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                  Hi Roger,


                  We have the same problem with the Event Frames. We usually just used the backfill to recalculate Event Frames. After analysis restarts we just selected the Event Frame generator analysis with the same template and started the backfill.

                  Unfortunately it is not a good solution anymore, because with the last release these Event Frames are creating notifications also, that are quite confusing for our users.

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                    Hi Roger:

                    Do you know is there  new information about this topic?  Is there any improvement in newer versions ? If yes, what version is that?


                    Thank you!

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                        Roger Palmen


                        I can't quickly find which release added this function, but the current release (2017R2) provides the functionality to perform a 'handover' between backfilling and the current running EF analysis. So since that release, EventFrames are not interrupted anymore when changes are done to your elements, or if you do backfilling. So this problem is entirely gone in the newer versions.


                        So in any case, ensure to upgrade! Also because the newer versions include many performance, stability and functionality improvements.