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PI TAGS Creation: Automatic (AF) or not ?

Question asked by DenisC3627 on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by gregor

We want to model our high voltage electrical equipment in PI Osisoft. We have +/- 250,000 electrical equipment’s of all kinds (transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors,)
and also measuring instruments (gas probe, C2H2, CO, ...) which are installed on the equipment.


The project is still under study. We created an asset model in AF. We have created templates for each type of equipment we have. So to create the elements in AF,
we always go through the instantiation of a template. The problem is that for the same type of equipment, the number of measuring points can change.

During the life of the equipment, probes may be added or removed.


Example: The first 3 years of the power
transformer A, it has a probe that measures the CO and from the 4th year, the probe is moved to a transformer B and transformer C will never have CO probe.


In AF: A, B and C have a tag for the CO (2 tags) whereas in reality there is only one probe installed first on A then on B and never on C.


Now, each type equipment’s has all possible tags.



To create more finely the tags on our elements (AF) we see two solutions

1) Write a program that instantiates the template (ex transformer) and creates the tags on an "on demand" basis for each element.

2) Use the "Tag creation" option that creates the tag automatically at the template instantiation and then delete (software) the unused tags.


What is thebest solution?

Do you seeany other solutions?


Thank you for your help