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Archive uncompressed values in depency of limits

Question asked by MiguelPalomo on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by MiguelPalomo

Hi all,

we intend to archive uncompressed values in depency of limits, if the processvalue is within the limits, we want to archive compressed values, if the processvalue is outside the limits we want archive the snapshot values.



We tried with PE, but the PrevValue command does not work reliably. Here an example with PE :  if 'Temperatur1.ALSTAT'="Alarm" then 'Temperatur1.UK' else PrevVal('Temperatur1.U',PrevEvent('Temperatur1.U','*'))



Temperatur1.ALSTAT= alarmstatus

Temperatur1.UK= uncompressed values

Temperatur1.U= compressed valuess, compdev and excdev are enabled.



The result from the PE for the compressed values are not identical to  Temperatur1.U



Is there a possibilty to disable the compression and exception in depency of an event?  maybe with AF?



Thanks in advance