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Coresight - Display image in template file?

Question asked by on Apr 10, 2017
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I am continuing to experiment with Coresight Symbols.


I am trying to add an image to a template file.  Goal is to use a jpg file as a background with information over it.


I am not sure where the default origin or parent would be for the template html file would be.  I tried several locations, including the root C: and a folder off the root (C:\Images), but the image did not display.   I have yet attempted to insert an image from JavaScript.


The square for the image showed up, but the image was not there.


When I open the template file in Google Chrome, I see the image from the HTML insert statement, but not the Angular insert.  (Not surprising since I did not include the reference)


Is there something that is preventing the image from rendering?    Are there limitations on what HTML can be included in the template file?   Am I missing something obvious?  











The HTML for the Template file is:


<div ng-style="{background: config.BackgroundColor, color: MultistateColor ||


<p1> Simple Value!</p1>


    Angular insert statement


    <img ng-src="{{'c:\images\c182.jpg'}}"/>


    HTML Insert Statement



    <img src='c:\images\c182.jpg' HEIGHT=50 WIDTH=50>




    <div ng-show="config.ShowLabel">{{label}}</div>


    <div ng-show="config.ShowTime">{{time}}</div>