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PI JDBC tag search returns 0 tags and "Access is Denied", but there are matching tags where access is granted

Question asked by geirke on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by michaelh

If I run a query like "SELECT tag FROM pisnapshot WHERE tag LIKE %ST%" through JDBC and PI SQL DAS, I get


java.sql.SQLException: [PIOLEDB] [PI SDK] [OST_FIC-70436_CALC_DAVR] Access is denied.
and no tags are returned.
But when I run "SELECT tag FROM pisnapshot WHERE tag LIKE %1m%", I get a list of tags returned, among those:
Which should also match the first query. Thus it seems like any query which matches one or more tags that I don't have access to will fail completely, even if there are results where I do have access. This makes searching for tags very difficult.
Is this the intended behaviour?