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PI SQL Server setup

Question asked by HansBleijendaal on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Camille Metzinger

Can someone tell me the best-practice/requirements for the PI-SQL-server setup, in order to have a efficient and fast database.

I am interested in the following issues:

- What seperation (disks) are necessary for database, logfiles, tempdatabase etc... Is this an issue for the PI-system. Currently we have everything omn 1 disk, but SQL-experts tell me better to seperate over multiple disks.

- What growfactor is necessay for the SQL-tables, currently 100mb per step.

- How much memory is necessary for the SQL-server. Currently we have 12GB, but the total of the databases is more that 12GB. HOw much do we have to reserve for Windows?

- What steps can we take to optimize the server. Especially with back-filling we see that the server takes a lot of time, sometimes hours.

- Currently we have > 30Mil eventframes in the tables, and we just started. What is the limit?