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PI & Asset's EDMS

Question asked by eradwan on Apr 17, 2017
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Hi There,


In my company - a Gas Plant - we moved from a LiveLink - OpenText - based implementation for Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to another implementation based on MS Sharepoint, to make the long story short, it was not a successful project and users who were hoping to get a better EDMS are remembering the  good old days of OpenText!. Now, we're about to embrace AF as a backbone for our plant assets, my question, is it ok to link assets' data sheets - e.g. P&I diagrams - to their equivalents in AF? Another issue is data saved in systems like Smart Plant Instrumentation as it contains a structured version of plant data that the majority users don't have access to it due to expensive license issue and it's available only to few people edit / maintain  edit such information while most users view the data from unstructured version as PDF files hosted on the EDMS. Is the idea to link all that to AF and make it the primary plant view a common practice? Is that correct or I'll be mixing concerns here?