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Question - Coresight Symbol Extension with Multiple data source using AF heading as input.

Question asked by on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Eugene Lee

I have been trying to understand the behavior of the data object returned when "Multiple" data source is returned.   I have searched the documentation for a description, but have not found anything.   I have tried to understand the logic for the donut symbol that was created. 


My goal for this current exploration is to create a single Symbol that will display the value of selected attributes for an AF entry.  I am using the supplied AF example for Feeders.


I have been trying to understand the expected behavior when I select an AF heading as the input for a symbol.





If, for the symbol, I specify a data source of Single and use TX211 as an input, multiple instances of the symbol are created, one for each child attribute.  My interpretation was that, if I specified Multiple, I would receive a data object that had a row for each attribute.  But, it looks like I only receive the first attribute (Current).  Is this the expected behavior?   If so, then I can parse the returned data.Path or use the webAPI to get the parent.   Then, I could iterate through the attributes, selecting and displaying the ones I want.   Is this the best way? 


I also need to understand the data return for data update for a Multiple data source.     Is there some documentation that I am missing?   If not, could you provide an explanation.  I am studying the existing symbols, but trying to reverse engineer the object is not only difficult, but, for me, probably error prone.   I would like to understand the Multiple data source for a couple of other symbols that I want to develop.