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    how to activate a layer without VBA in coresight




      We are in the process of making all our current Processbook files free of VBA. Since there is a significant amount of files that are dealing with activating and deactivating layers via VBA we were wondering how to keep this functionality in PI Coresight.




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          Hi Roland,

          Unfortunately, the layer functionality is currently not support for PI Vision (PI Coresight). However, I have created a UserVoice entry for you that can be found here. Uservoice can be accessed at feedback.osisoft.com and is used to collect feedback, and enhancement requests from customers. I encourage you to upvote the entry that I linked and other PI users who find the entry relevant can also upvote the entry. This system allows OSIsoft to view feedback and insight on possible areas of improvement for our product.


          As a temporary workaround, you could create two separate Coresight displays and link them via a hyperlink.

          Let me know if you have any other questions.



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