Ahmad Fattahi

“Connection to pinetmgr lost” and “License Error: (-12230)”

Discussion created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Oct 4, 2011

This is an announcement of a new Tech Support bulletin that explains a recently discovered problem.


An interface connection problem has been identified that occurs when all three of the following conditions are met:

  • An interface is running on the PI Server (this does not include interfaces bundled with the PI Data Archive such as Rampsoak, Random, and Performance Monitor)
  • The interface is compiled with UniInt 4.5.x.x
  • The PI Server License File disallows anonymous connections

Who is affected?


The occurrence of this issue is expected to be rare, and customers with vCampus-provided license files are most likely the only ones affected - if at all. Most other customers will not be affected by this problem, since most PI Servers do not disallow anonymous connections and most interfaces do not run directly on the PI Server. Here is a list of who might be affected:

  • PI Servers that have restrictions against anonymous connections
  • Customers with vCampus-provided license files
  • Developers in development environments
  • Recently-released OEMs, like Rockwell (should be rare)

vCampus software package and license model does not include or allow interfaces connecting to the PI Server other than PItoPI anyway. So, we do not expect this to be a major issue. In any case if you are interested in learning more please see the bulletin here. In case of any concerns or questions don't hesitate to post your comment here.