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Duplicate Timestamp: future data using RDBMS interface

Question asked by Elia on Apr 19, 2017
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I'm working with RDBMS interface to perform queries to get data from an SQL db.

Data that I get are Future Data from 00.00 (current day) to 23:59.

I use a distributor to perform the select and a list of PI points as target with alias to get specific rows.

I perform the query every 5 minutes and the result of each query substitute the previous one in the specific target archive.

My problem is that sometime the vale corrisponding to 23:59 is not replaced but it is duplicated.

I set location 5 to 1 to specify that my data are OUT OF ORDER. Since I read that Out-of-order data means newvalue.timestamp < prevvalue.timestamp, I expect

that all values with timestamp 23:59 are not replaced,but the stranger thing is that sometime  it is so and sometime no.

I'd like that always all values will replace.

Can anybody help me to understand this unpredictable behaviour?