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UFL Interface - no consistency check when tag and instrumenttag are mismatching

Question asked by martin.mertens on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by cramsey



we are using UFL to import CSV files which can have a either a tagname, or an instrumenttag, or both.


To use only one UFL config, I added some logic that checks whether the tagname is empty, thus storing by omitting the tag argument for StoreInPI. Vice versa, the instrumenttag is omitted when not specified in the csv file.


My problem is the case where both are given. If I have




and instrumenttag1 is not the correct instrumenttag of tag1, UFL stores the value anyway in the archive of tag1.


I would expect that this line/message is not used by UFL, because it contains inconsistent information.


Is there a way to add this check in the UFL configuration?


Furthermore, I am looking for a possibility to skip the whole file if one StoreInPI call is not correct. Currently, the file is processed and renamed to _OK even if there is a line containing a non existing tag.


Thank you.