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Unknown or invalid WebID format

Question asked by abrodskiy on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by gregor

Hi all,

I'm observing a weird behaviour from PI Web API streamsets call and wonder if you have come across this issue before and what's the way to resolve?

When doing a standard GET call, all middleware encodes the strings, so all special characters like &, = get encoded into %26 etc.

So with the streamsets call, this URL gets me the above error, even in browser. While when I just use the special characters in the browser it works fine.


so this one throws an error: unknown or invalid WebID format



Help pages:  PI Web API HelpStreamSetGetValuesAdHoc  

{ "Errors": [ "Unknown or invalid WebID format: 'P0omyG2UkrbkmTCCEv8bf3egFwAAAASlpWUFRJTU9BUERBSDAxXEE0M0xBTDAwMjEuUFY&webid=P0omyG2UkrbkmTCCEv8bf3egIwAAAASlpWUFRJTU9BUERBSDAxXEo2MEZJMTEzMi'." ] }

and this one just works fine