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    PIPutVal returning error


      Hi all,


      I have several excel sheets with the PIPutVal macro up and running. In one of them, the macro started to fail without any change.

      MacroResult provide the following message: "Cannot connect to server 'a'". I use the same syntaxis than in the rest (which works perfectly).


      Any experience with this issue?


      This is the code:


      Sub Grabardatos()


      ' Grabardatos Macro

          Dim strTagName As String    'Tagname

          Dim ValueCell As Range   'Cell reference containing value to be written

          Dim strTime As String       'Timestamp

          Dim ResultCell As Range  'Cell reference to hold result



          Dim macroResult As Variant  'PIPutVal() result



          Dim strServerName As String 'PI server name


              strTime = Now


              strServerName = "MSESBAPL004"     'Grabar datos en variables


              Set ValueCell = Worksheets("Corte_Trituradores").Cells(9, 7)

              Set ResultCell = Worksheets("Corte_Trituradores").Cells(44, 7)

              macroResult = Application.Run("PIPutVal", "PI_PLANTA_125A_GRUESOS_MONTAÑA", ValueCell, strTime, strServerName, ResultCell)

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          Hello Daniel,


          Can you please verify using PISDKUtility.exe if the connection shows in the Known Servers Table (KST) under PI SDK -> Connections?


          If it shows in there, please try to connect. Does that work?


          Please also check the local PI Message Log for more detailed information using pigetmsg.exe. Please let us know if you need more guidance with this step.


          What version of PI DataLink is installed. Please check with Programs and Features dialog from Control Panel.

          Looking at the documentation for PIPutVal and the snippet you posted, I get the impression that the amount of parameters is wrong. Can you please verify?

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              Hi Gregor,


              Thanks for your fast reply.


              1. Yes, the server shows as connected.

              2. In Pi Message Log, there is no connection line regarding PIPutVal

              3. I have the PI Datalink 2015 version

              4. Have the 5 arguments that are needed.


              What it´s surprising is that the same macro is working correctly in a different excel or tag...