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Upgrade PI from 3.4.375.99 to PI 2012

Question asked by skdesiraju on Apr 25, 2017
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I am trying to upgrade PI server 3.4.375.99 in the dev environment and performed following steps

1. Install 3.4.375.99 on a brand new server

2. Restore the copy of prod backup with dat and log files.

3. Register Archives (I could see all the points and data)

4. Install AF database on the database server

5. Install AF service on the application server, changed the service logon to the service account

From here i kind of confused of the order in which I am supposed to install. I could not find MDB to AF migration in the SMT so I went ahead to install the PI server 2012 to see if that would prompt for me. But I got this error

Error [-19575] failed to copy DAT files and/or load tables. Call to IsServerUpgradeReady() failed. Where did I go wrong or what did I miss?PIServer error.jpg