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    Coresight 2016 - URL Parameters




      Hope you are doing well. Presently i am building up a display with coresight 2016. I am new to this technology. I have a question.


      I would like to know if we can hide the "Asset Tabs" from the users and let only the "Event frames tabs or button" to be selectable by the users.  I go throught Goole and the Documentation of the Coresight 2016 R2. I found out only the mode=kiosk parameter but his does not fullfill my requirements.


      Is there something that can be done in PI AF configuration or in Coresight Administrators or a url parameter. Thank you for your help


      Here is the documentation that i read : PI Coresight 2016 section URL Parameters.


      Thank you in advanced.


      Yours faithfully,