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Problems with PI OPC DA Interface and Matrikon OPC Tunneler

Question asked by Tomas Stark Champion on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by kellyam



we have a quite extensive installation of the PI OPC DA Interface and the Matrikon OPC Tunneler which generally works very well.


We have several PI OPC DA Interface servers, and typically about 10 interfaces are running on each server with the primary OPC sources being Siemens WinCC and ABB 800xA DCS's.


However, from time to time we run into the problem explained below and wonder if anyone else have had any similar problem, and if so, found a way to avoid it.


Problem description:

1) From time to time, one of the PI OPC DA interfaces will go into status 10 which means it has stopped to receive OPC data for some reason. The other PI OPC DA interfaces are still running in status 0.

2) When we restart the interface, it will go into status 99.

3) We restart the Matrikon CSC process and the affected interface will go into status 0 and continue to receive data.