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CheckOut problem

Question asked by RLECORRE on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by RLECORRE


We have a problem in a VB application using PIAF SDK when checking out an attribute.

The attribute we are extracting is supposed to rename a file to give it a unique id. The attribute is checked out, incrementated by our application and checked in.


The application is running by ACE contexts so we have multiple intances of the app and, sometimes, two instances are executing exactly at the same time (to the nearest millisecond). In this particular case, both instances are checking out the attribute returning no error. Therefore, two files are renamed with the same id.


We have tried 3 methods from the AFCheckOutInfo class (IsCheckedOutThisSession, IsCheckedOutThisThread and IsCheckedOutToMe) to check if the attribute is already open but none of them returns a different response (same return values in both instances).


Do you know if there is a solution to know if an attribute has been checked out and not yet checked in this particular situation?





PS: it works normally when an instance check out an attribute before another one (temporizing until check in)