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    Datasets und Carrige Returns


      Hello Vcampus.


      We had a couple of complains from our users regarding the usability of the "formular - editor" in the datasets (only one line to edit,...)


      So we created a "addin" which should provide better formating support.


      Now we have the issues if the  formular  doesn't work anymore if there is \n in it.


      Does someone have a way arround this.


      Br Wolfgang

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          In the past we doubled up on the storage of the calculation algorithms - they were stored formatted in Oracle and then applied as a single line in PE or ProcessBook datasets.  The algorithms are compared as single lines when loading them to ensure they match (someone can still manually edit the datasets, if so then the dataset is assumed the master, unformatted) but the formatted version shown.


          Are you formatting the 'functions' and 'if' conditional statements?

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              I should add that the main purpose was to have version control of algorithms and better define constants that are used within them.  As this was a few years ago I would definitely just stick to AF if I did it all again.  Doesn't exactly help your issue as PEs, Datasets and AF all have a different syntax...but just explaining my answer above (and trying not to hijack your thread).

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                  Why not just translate carriage returns to two spaces in a row when populating the dataset and do the reverse when storing any changes from the PB side?  Would work fine as long as no one unintentionally types two space.

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                      @ David, good idea with the two spaces ... , I just filter the equation from two spaces, and then replace \n with two spaces


                      @ Kerstin ;-) you know what that to do.


                      @ Processbook PM .. maybe a feature that could be included in "Processbook" ....  Editing Formulars in Processbook in a big text window ....

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                          Hi Wolfgang,


                          PI Calculation Datasets in PI ProcessBook are intended to serve the purpose of allowing a user to create an ad hoc expression for retreiving PI data. They are used for a number of reasons by our customers: to avoid creating additional PI Tags to provide the same functionality, to avoid the need to re-process an archive when a new calculation is needed and the history is important, to try out an expression before creating a permanent PI tag, to add a one-off calculation that isn't generally useful enough to be used widely. I'm sure there are other uses customers have found for this feature.


                          There is an effort within the company to provide a better means to accomplish many of the above goals using the Asset Framework (PI AF) as a place to create and store useful expressions for retreiving PI Data. These efforts would overcome many of the limitations of the Performance Equation syntax (e.g., lack of support for referencing AF elements) and the architecture of PI ProcessBook datasets (e.g., the inability to reference datasets in other datasets or in other displays).


                          The fact that the Datasets definition dialog in PI ProcessBook has only a single line for entering an expression is an artifact of its original design. We did take a run at redesigning the dialog for the version 3.1 release, but obviously not everyone is satisfied with the result. I'm sure your efforts at "usability" within your organization have been more successful.