vCampus Notifier Application - Need your input

Discussion created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Oct 10, 2011
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Hi Everyone!


A couple of weeks ago I started to think about having a 'notification app' for vCampus. There is always a lot going around on vCampus, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the conversations going on. If you ask a question, or responded to one, you want to be notified as soon as possible, so you can continue the discussion.


A lot of you are already using the RSS feeds and email notifications, but these notifications get burried into all the other stuff pretty quickly.


I started to think, and thought it might be very usefull to have a notification (tray) application for vCampus. This application should provide an easy to use interface into vCampus, and notifications (with rules) when something interesting comes up. I looked at the possibilities of Telligent (the platform vCampus is running on), and it seemed that a lot could be possible. I'm also very interested in the social networking capabilities of the platform, as it seems we are not making a lot of use of that capabilities yet.


I started programming, and I'm up to a point that I would like to present it to the community. I'm very interested in your opinion!




The application is a tray application (when you minimize, you will get a tray icon in the taskbar). When you click the icon, the following screen will appear. This gives an overview of all forums, and informs you of all your unread and unanswered posts on a forum. You can click the forum title to go to the forum, or the unread or unanswered links to go to your unanswered/unread posts. You can also create a new forum thread by clicking the 'new' link.


The forums will be configurable.


You can see your latest activity on top, together with your avatar. If you click your own name, you will go to your personal page.




When a new message appears on one of the forums, you will get a notification (much like a notification from MSN Messenger or Skype). This also works when the app is minimized (in tray).




If you go to the 'Friends' tab, you can see all the friends you have on vCampus. If you click the name, you will go to their personal page (with bio, activity, etc). All the latest activity messages of your friends is displayed below their names. I want to make it possible to quickly send an email to a friend, but also create some instant messaging/conversation capabilities.




If you go to the search tab, you can quickly search all content of vCampus. It shows what the search result is, where it comes from and a short body text of the result. If you click the title, you will offcourse go to the search result.






What I would like to know from the community is:


Do you see any potential in something like this?At this point, it's still very rough and in an early stage. In my opinion, a highly configurable and easy-access vCampus notifier / helper application could really improve the whole vCampus experience.


What are the most important features you would like to see in an application like this? Configurable notifications and updates will be a big part of something like this. Maybe an option to be notified on certain keywords? Would IM between you and your friends be interesting?


I'm really looking forward to any comments! If you don't think something like this is valuable, please also let me know!