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Powershell script for Backfill/Recalculate

Question asked by taterhead247 on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by sraposo

I've been told by quite a few people in tech support that PowerShell is very ... powerfull and can do a lot of different things.  I'm trying to teach myself the capabilities but it seems hard to find good documentation on what it can do.  I know Live Library has a list of commands, but even the command specific instructions I find are lacking (sorry OSI people).  This is all probably because I'm trying to write scripts when I have very little programming background; maybe actual software types can pick it up easier.


All that to say: Is there a way to run Analysis Backfill/Recalculation commands from Powershell?


I have a template that is pretty complicated with a lot of interdependent Analysis.  So when I create an instance (which I've done 3 of 10) I need to execute the instance specific Analysis in order.  Since we have a pretty good history on the raw data, I typically run a 3-5 month backfill.  The Management tab allows you to run multiple Analysis, but it's by Analysis template (I really wish there were more ways to filter and sort that list!  I can't even figure out how it's sorted now.).  But there's no window that allows me to see and quickly run Backfill.  In element view I can see them all, but it takes time to load each Analysis I click on.  Management is quicker, but I have to hunt through the list of Analysis for the one I want.


My ideal would be a PowerShell script that allows me to isolate an instance or a few, and run specified Analysis in pre-determined order.