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    PI AF Services 2016 R2 has stopped working


      I had a whole PI development environment set up on a single W10 PC, including Visual Studio.

      Installation the first time round was entirely painless and I was using the SINUSOID tag to test early versions my software.

      After a few weeks I was called off on to another project.

      When I came back a couple of months later, SINUSOID was no longer being updated.

      I tried downloading and installing my licence.dat file but this did not help. And then I got into a complete mess trying to install the Random interface.

      So I decided to uninstall everything and just start again.

      When I came to uninstall PI AF services (from Windows|Settings|Apps) I got this "PI AF Services 2016 R2 has stopped working" error.

      All the other OSISoft Applications uninstalled OK.

      So I manually deleted any PI folders I could find and am now trying to re-install.

      When I try to install I get the same "PI AF Services 2016 R2 has stopped working" error.

      I went through the registry deleting anything to do with OSISoft and/or PI.

      I have also run the Microsoft Setup repair utility.

      Nothing makes any difference.


      The last few lines of the install log (attached) say this:

      [2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i052: Condition 'VC2015_x86_Additional >= v14.0.23918' evaluates to true.

      [2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i052: Condition 'VC2015_x64_Additional >= v14.0.23918' evaluates to true.

      [2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]w120: Detected partially cached package: sqlncli_x64, invalid payload: sqlncli_x64, reason: 0x80070002

      [2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i108: Detected compatible package: sqlncli_x64, provider: {49D665A2-4C2A-476E-9AB8-FCC425F526FC}, installed: {1385D3DB-8E80-427B-91D2-B7535862B8E4}, version: 11.3.6518.0, chained: {49D665A2-4C2A-476E-9AB8-FCC425F526FC}

      [2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i103: Detected related package: {1385D3DB-8E80-427B-91D2-B7535862B8E4}, scope: PerMachine, version: 11.3.6518.0, language: 0 operation: Downgrade

      [2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i000: OSIsoft DetectRelatedMsiPackageHandler() <<Info>> Related MSI detected. Package: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client (x64), Version: 11.3.6518.0, Product code: {1385D3DB-8E80-427B-91D2-B7535862B8E4}


      Can anyone help me out of this hole I have dug myself?

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          Hello Anthony,


          According to the log you've attached, there's no PI AF Server specified. The PI Data Archive is referred to as 'dummyhost012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678981' .

          Have you looked at the PI Message Log around the time SINUSOID stopped updating?

          Where did you take the license file from?

          PI Random is installed together with the PI Data Archive and it should have been installed already because it's the source updating SINUSOID. Why did you try installing PI Random interface?


          I could imagine you've missed out some registry information during uninstall but it is difficult to tell just from the attached log what is going wrong. The last entry refers to MS SQL Server. Hmm .. difficult.

          The PI AF Services 2016 R2 setup kit is a bundle of setup kits. The download page details what's included. Under the assumption that you cannot remove PI AF Services 2016 R2 from Programs and Features Dialog, I would try installing the products one by one and I would start with installing PI AF Client and see if you can get the known servers tables fixed. It could be useful to connect against another AF Server / PI Data Archive host for this purpose.

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              Thanks Gregor.

              The whole PI environment was on the single W10 PC. My application will one day be deployed elsewhere of course, but for now, everything from the AF Server to my application that uses data it gets from a PI is all on the one PC.

              I did not look at the PI message log.

              I downloaded the licence file from a page that I got to following a link in an email when I joined the Dev club. I had to generate a machine signature file and submit that to a utility.

              Yes, I realised PI Random was supposed to be there already and originally I'm sure it was, but after poking around with various PI management tools it seemed to be telling me that no interfaces were installed. I quickly realised I did not really know what I was doing so that is when I decided to uninstall it all and start again.

              I agree it is quite likely I have missed some registry info as well as some files/folders.

              I uninstalled all the constituent parts of the PI AF Services kit individually where they appeared in Settting| Apps. They all uninstalled without error except for PI AF Services.

              It is "home time" in the UK now, and a National holiday on Monday,  but I will back looking at this on Tuesday.

              Thanks for any help you can give.

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                  Hi Anthony,


                  Fixing such an issue can be pretty tedious and time consuming and hence it is sometimes easier to backup files and to start over with a fresh OS setup. I would however try running the PI AF Client setup kit to see what options it offers to fix server references and what errors it may return. If you do that on Tuesday, please make sure to capture some screen dumps and to post them if you run into trouble.

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                This is a bug.  This is fixed in PI AF Services 2017.  There are workarounds for PI AF Services 2016 R2.  The simplest workaroud is to upgrade PI SQL Native Client.


                Please see Bug work item 137959:

                If Visual Studio 2017 is installed, the PI AF Services installation kit may have crashed.  The crash occurred before the wizard was shown.






                Install the 11.3.6538.0

                hotfix for the SQL Native Client


                    The 11.3.6538.0 SQL Native Client QFE (i.e. "hotfix") can be downloaded from:


                    If Visual Studio 2017 RC is installed, a workaround is to install the QFE.

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