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PI AF Services 2016 R2 has stopped working

Question asked by TonyS on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by gregor

I had a whole PI development environment set up on a single W10 PC, including Visual Studio.

Installation the first time round was entirely painless and I was using the SINUSOID tag to test early versions my software.

After a few weeks I was called off on to another project.

When I came back a couple of months later, SINUSOID was no longer being updated.

I tried downloading and installing my licence.dat file but this did not help. And then I got into a complete mess trying to install the Random interface.

So I decided to uninstall everything and just start again.

When I came to uninstall PI AF services (from Windows|Settings|Apps) I got this "PI AF Services 2016 R2 has stopped working" error.

All the other OSISoft Applications uninstalled OK.

So I manually deleted any PI folders I could find and am now trying to re-install.

When I try to install I get the same "PI AF Services 2016 R2 has stopped working" error.

I went through the registry deleting anything to do with OSISoft and/or PI.

I have also run the Microsoft Setup repair utility.

Nothing makes any difference.


The last few lines of the install log (attached) say this:

[2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i052: Condition 'VC2015_x86_Additional >= v14.0.23918' evaluates to true.

[2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i052: Condition 'VC2015_x64_Additional >= v14.0.23918' evaluates to true.

[2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]w120: Detected partially cached package: sqlncli_x64, invalid payload: sqlncli_x64, reason: 0x80070002

[2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i108: Detected compatible package: sqlncli_x64, provider: {49D665A2-4C2A-476E-9AB8-FCC425F526FC}, installed: {1385D3DB-8E80-427B-91D2-B7535862B8E4}, version: 11.3.6518.0, chained: {49D665A2-4C2A-476E-9AB8-FCC425F526FC}

[2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i103: Detected related package: {1385D3DB-8E80-427B-91D2-B7535862B8E4}, scope: PerMachine, version: 11.3.6518.0, language: 0 operation: Downgrade

[2488:1F08][2017-04-28T15:27:55]i000: OSIsoft DetectRelatedMsiPackageHandler() <<Info>> Related MSI detected. Package: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client (x64), Version: 11.3.6518.0, Product code: {1385D3DB-8E80-427B-91D2-B7535862B8E4}


Can anyone help me out of this hole I have dug myself?