PI ACE Start-up time?

Discussion created by markosem on Oct 10, 2011
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I have two PI ACE development environments - a developer PC and a test system PC.


On my dev system I have PI Server and ACE all on the same machine. On my test system I have PI Server and ACE running on separate Virtual Machines (using ESXi Server). The test server in general runs faster than my dev PC.


When I start up ACE on my dev PC (by starting the 2.x Scheduler Service), It takes a max of 1 minute for all my contexts to kick into life (approx 5 contexts).


On the test system (again about 5 contexts), it can take up to 5 minutes!


I was wondering what happens when ACE is initialised? What is it doing for that amount of time? My system is quite simple so am a bit baffled to why it takes so long, and why there is such a difference between my dev and test PC.


Is there something I'm doing wrong? Can the start-up time be reduced?