LMA and PI server license file

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6-7 weeks ago I signed up for a vCampus membership. I wanted to interface an application with a PI-server, and the membership enabled me to set up a demo test PI system. In a couple of days I was able to retrieve PI-data with my application.


The test PI system is running on a demo license and I want to generate a PI Server License File. I assumed that would be a simple process, however, I'm not able to make this work:


According to OSIsoft documentation, this can be done by following the "Link to MLA" in the top-right corner of the vCampus Download Center . There I'm supposed to be requested to upload a Machine Signature File which I have prepared using the MSF Generator.


The problem is, when I follow the "link to MLA" (My License Activations), I see the following messages:



There are no servers registered for the selected site. Please select another site or contact OSIsoft Technical Support for further assistance.
Note: Demonstration and trial license activation files are not available through this system. Please visit the Download Center to locate and download these license activation files.



The are no provisions for uploading the MSF generated file.


According to the note above, it seems like my 1500$ membership only cover demonstration and trial licenses.


That is quite a disappointment, please confirm if this is actually the case.