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Using Adhoc Coresight displays from same base template

Question asked by p.clemme on May 1, 2017
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I have created Coresight displays using Adhoc URI Builder. This works with 4 separate Attributes, Asset and StartTime and Endtime.

In this raw Adhoc display I cannot have multiple graphs, so I want to build a Display and the use that for different assets.

I have an asset structure with





This does work inside a windfarm where all the assets have the same final template. e.g WtgBase<Site>.

It does not work if I build a Display on one site, using only attributes from WtgBase<Vendor> template and then try to use an asset from another site.


Is there any way I can get the display to use the attributes from the basetemplate so I can shift between assets from different sites.

I am using attributes like Power and windspeed, so the attributes are in no way site specific.