question: connect PI to MATLAB OPC

Discussion created by yyzheng on Oct 13, 2011
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I read the white paper "using PI Data with MATLAB", and I tried MATLAB OPC toolbox following the commands in the white paper.:


da = opcda('OPCServerNode', 'OSI.DA.1');


But I got an error message that "Error connecting to server".




Details shown in MATLAB are below:


>> da = opcda('OPCServerNode', 'OSI.DA.1')

da =

Summary of OPC Data Access Client Object: OPCServerNode/OSI.DA.1

   Server Parameters
      Host      : OPCServerNode
      ServerID  : OSI.DA.1
      Status    : disconnected
      Timeout   : 10 seconds

   Object Parameters
      Group     : 0-by-1 dagroup object
      Event Log : 0 of 1000 events

>> connect(da)
Error connecting to server.