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Need some info. on PI Server Migration from 2012(64-bit) to 2016 R2.

Question asked by Apurva on May 2, 2017
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Hi Guys,

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We are planning a PI Server Migration from 2012 (64-bit) to 2016 R2 to a new hardware.

The Current server includes PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Analysis Service and PI Notifcations.

SQL server is installed on a separate machine, out of our scope and there is no plan to upgrade it as of now.

We are planning to run both the servers(old PI Server and new PI Server) in parallel for few weeks and then decommission the older one.

After cutover, we are planning to retain the server name and IP of the older machine and assign it to the new machine.


I had the below queries: -

  1. Do we have to install PI Data Archive 2012 on the new hardware, restore the Data Archive and then upgrade to 2016 R2 or can we directly install 2016 R2 on the new hardware and restore the Data Archive from the Old PI Server?
  2. Apart from manually switching the Server Name and IP between the 2 servers, can we use the DNS option and how can we use it so as to minimize making any changes on the clients? (Currently, all the client applications are using the server name to access data).

If anyone has more info. On DNS and how it could be implemented here, that would be really helpful.

  1. Can PI AF 2016 R2 be directly installed on the new hardware, or is it recommended to install the older version first and then upgrade?
  2. When PI AF 2016 R2 is installed on the new machine (say M2) should the Domain\M2 be added to the AFServers group on the SQL server, or will just installing PI AF 2016 R2 on the new server complete the migration process? Is there any other activity which needs to be taken up?
  3. For migration of PI Notifications and PI Analysis services, will just the installation of the new versions on the new hardware suffice or do we have to carry out any further steps to get these migrated?


I am doing these activities for the first time so will need lil help from you.

Your prompt response will be really appreciated guys !