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PI Analysis - Output tags not getting updated - After BadInputs

Question asked by sowthri on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by kfong

We are using PI Analysis 2016 R2, PI AF 2016 R2 and PI Server 2016 for executing 2000 plus analysis calculations(All are event based calculations).


We are frequently facing some network disruptions in receiving data to PI server from Interfaces. PI analysis calculations running in a separate node use these tags values as input for calculation expressions. Once the network resume, we are noticing three different behaviors in the calculations which are

  1. Calculations are resumed for execution in real time
  2. Calculations are having still having output value as ‘Bad Input’ and got struck with the old timestamp
  3. Calculations are having still having old value(value as before the network disruption) and got struck with the old timestamp


Issue is getting resolved only when PI analysis services are restarted.


Do anyone facing similar issues, currently there is no resolution other than restarting the analysis engine. Do any settings change in AF data pipe will resolve these issue, please suggest.