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PI Perfomance Equation

Question asked by Kaush12 on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by John Messinger

How we can use "Not Equal to " Function in Perfomnace equation ? and Can we Compare "two String Value" in Perfomance equation ?



I am trying following equation

if 'Sensum_MC_1_BatchName'< > PrevVal('Sensum_MC_1_BatchName',PrevEvent('Sensum_MC_1_BatchName', '*'))  and 'FBP1200L_Mc_Sts' = "Active"then "CIP Running" else "CIP STOPPED"


But it shows the  Error -2147219650: PI PE syntax error in Expression. [-12301] Performance Equation parsing error


Please help to sort out these error ! and insted of Less than and Greater than how we can use "Not Equal to" function?