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    Tabulation - Coresight (Pi vision) 2016 R2


      Hello everyone,


      I have been asked to create internal tabulations on a Display. I know that Coresight Interface does not provide this possibility. But perhaps there is a way to do this by coding.


      What i would like to do exactly is the following :


      Once we click on a title (Text), found on my display. I can hide all (some) symbols on the display and set others symbols to visibility true. By this way i can have "many internal pages" on the same display


      Can someone tell me if it is possible to change symbols visibility?


      OR if there is another way to do so or immitate internal tabulations, that would be great.


      Thank you in advance for your help.


      Kind regards,



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          Hi Steven,


          An easy solution might be to make a couple displays and link between them.

          If you are set on having all these symbols on the same page - Create a custom symbol which contains an iframe.  Use some custom logic to switch the source of the iframe between the created displays.

          If you're not set on having them all on the same display, you can just create hyperlinks between the displays.  This would probably be the best approach as it utilizes existing PI Coresight features.


          As far as I know, you cannot create a master symbol to change the visibility of the rest of the elements on the page.