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Coresight 2016R2 Owner Management

Question asked by taterhead247 on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by gachen

The Admin sight on Coresight, under the Display Management tab, allows me to reassign ALL displays owned by one person to a 2nd person.


  1. Can I transfer just 1 display from 1 person to another?
    1. I looked into the new Display Utility.  I can chance AF and DA reference one display at a time, but I can't change owner.
  2. Can I transfer displays to someone who has not yet created a display?
    1. Access to our Coresight is based on our company's Active Directory.  But in the Display Management tab in the Admin page, only people who have created a display are in the From: or To: list.  Is there any way to transfer to someone who hasn't made a display yet.
    2. I concede there is a "work-around" where the person I want to give the display to creates a dummy display so their name is added to the list.  But that option isn't very clean and I don't like it.